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2014 Classified Staff Election Voting Form

All votes submitted after midnight April 30, 2014 will not be counted.

Please select eight (8) officers for 2014-2016 term. We strongly encourage you to vote for individuals in different service areas, so that we can ensure adequate representation on council.

If you select more than eight (8) members, only the first eight (8) will be tallied. You may not vote for individuals whose term expires in 2014.

Names are listed in alphabetical order within service area. Click the Submit button when you are done. You will see a thank you acknowledging your vote. Multiple submissions will not be accepted.

Academic Support

DeCessaro, Matthew

Harty, Liam (Expires 2015)

Henning, Marcia

Hunter, Kimberly

Martinez-Goodwin, Felicia

Santistevan, Veronica

Auxiliary Services

Borowski, Daylene

Hall, Cindy

Hall, Jerry

Lorenz, Brent

Smith, Christina

Trujillo, Veronica

Facilities Management / Custodial

Alexander, Eugene

Carrigan, Jack

Cordova, Jeanine

Delehant, David

Garcia, Sylvia

Gonzales, Steven

Gonzales, Tony

Herrera, John

Leyba, Pete

Lobato, Anthony

Mapes, Jerome

Medina, Joshua

Million, Debra

Minjarez, Lorraine

Pena, Mario

Pena, Susan

Perez, Frank

Pino, Eva

Plancencio, Leroy

Rebeterano, Shirley

Salazar, Rudy

Sanchez, David

Sanchez, Leroy

Trujillo, Annette

Trujillo, Tony

Facilities Management / Grounds

Ball, Lonnie

Bond, James

Coca, Christopher

Goff, Mark

Riggio, Michael

Facilities Management / Maintenance

Armijo, Edumenio J

Atteberry, Martin

Bobian, Orlando

Cappis, Royce

Capritta, Damian

Frazier, Larry

French, Oscar

Gade, Morris

Goetz, Bernard

Hayden, Jeromy (Expires 2015)

Martinez, Joseph

Poelman, William

Trujillo, Joseph T

Valdez, Paul

Facilities Management / Support

Cordova, Denise

Proctor, Debbie

Information Technology

Bartolo, David

Brown, Lyn

Bruning, Alan

Davis, Marvin

Galich, Dale

Glenn III, James

Hodge, Stephen

Hoeck, Gregory A.

Martin, Patty

Merritt, Bruce

Perkins, Gary

Romero, John (Expires 2015)

Sargent, Mark (Expires 2015)

Summer, Douglas

Torres, Jennifer

Vigil, Lallo (Expires 2015)

Watson, Matthew

Institutional Support

Alber, Dale

Anderson, Kevin

Becker, Vicki

Bonfiglio, Anthony

Bowman, James

Castillo, Susan

Coffrin, Charles

Duran, Shirley

Henrich, Mary Ann

Hernandez, Samantha

Martinez, Yvette (Expires 2015)

Mora, Jean Lanette

Murray, Vincent Deon

Trujillo-Martinez, Geraldine

Walkup, Catherine


Acosta, Joan

Axworthy, Tamra

Cisneros, Loretta M (Expires 2015)

Fairchild, Wendy

Higginbothan, Patricia

Jiminez, Theresa

McCanna, Alysse

Mincic, Cheryl

Obrin, Sandra

Parrack, Pamela K.

Pisciotta, Jo Ann

Pocius, Trisha (Expires 2015)

Ponce, Joanna

Quintana, Guadalupe

Ramirez, Barbara

Righini, Stacy

Sanchez, Jill

Sanchez, Juanita M

Sandoval, Mary

Snow, Shirley

Wallace, Paul

Wharton, Kimberly

Student Services

Alfonso, Gena

Anaya, Louise

Armenta, Mary Connie

Billings, Ariann

Brick, Scott

Bueno, Carmela

Cesar, Charlatte

Gruback, Melody

Kelley, Melissa

Macias, Irene

Montoya-Vigil, Lisa

Munger, Marissa

Perez, Kathy

Shisler, Kathleen

Sufian, Cynthia

Valdez, Jon

Vasquez, Lois